Our culture holds Freemasonry in a unique place. Freemasonry is both secretive and clandestine, but it’s also very common. You probably know many people who have been members. What exactly happens behind the scenes of your local guild? There are probably a lot of boring things happening behind the scenes, such as serving on committees or selecting members.

There’s another side to freemasonry that is hidden from those who are not able to access its many lodges. In the United States alone, there are approximately 2 million Freemasons. At least 15 former presidents are believed to be its members. Freemasonry is a worldwide phenomenon that has roots going back to the Middle Ages.

It’s difficult to imagine how hard it would be to become a Freemason with that history, visibility and enrollment numbers. But you might be surprised.

As with many private societies and clubs, being a woman in Freemasonry is the first strike. The vast majority of women are not accepted to Freemasonry.

The Masonic Lodge of Education requires that you are at least 21 years old, believe in a supreme Being, have the ability to support your family, act morally and ethically, as well as be of good reputation.

If your reputation is good, you have a few things to do next before your journey can begin.

Technically, calling the Grand Lodge in your country or state is the best way to join. If you prefer the whole thing to feel more cloaked and dagger, you can also look for someone driving a car that has this bumper sticker: 2B1Ask1. Now we can get started. This guy will let you know that you are interested and put you in touch with the Grand Lodge of your country or state. You could also do it online and get the same result, but it’s better to invite mystery into your life.

The process will then be a little more like you would expect from any type of vetting process. The representatives will meet with you in person and answer any questions. If everything goes smoothly, you will be invited to complete a petition form. This will likely include a few character references. The next step is to submit your request to the Investigation Committee.

They will reach out to them and ask about your character. What questions? What will you find out? It usually takes only a few weeks to complete the process, according to the Freemason website. It may take longer in other countries.

Finally, members will vote for your admission. If everything goes according to plan, you will soon become a Freemason. Perhaps then we can all see what you do inside.