One of America’s most famous hauntings was located in a small Tennessee town. It became so well-known that a future United States president eventually became involved in the investigation.

The Bell witch is the name of the mysterious and sometimes violent poltergeist activity in Adams, Tennessee that sparked fear and curiosity. It has been unsolved for almost 200 years, and this phenomenon inspired many ghost stories. The facts surrounding the Bell witch have little to do with the “Blair Witch Project” mythology, but they did attract a lot of public attention. Because it actually happened, the Bell witch is even scarier.

The Bell witch makes an appearance

The story starts when the Bell family moved to a log cabin in 1817. The family experienced frightening paranormal activity after thirteen years of peace.

A series of taps and bangs was heard outside the walls one night. The unusual sounds made the family scratch their heads. The knocking continued the next night. Each night, the sounds got louder and lasted longer. The Bell children reported to their father that rats were chewing on their beds at night. The family also heard different types of singing in the house. The children were eventually forced to get up in the morning and had their blankets and pillows taken away. John Bell, the head household member, felt helpless at this point.

Andrew Jackson Investigates the Bell witch

The news about the Bell witch was so widely circulated that people traveled from far and wide to hear her voice or see her in action. General Andrew Jackson, one of Nashville’s most prominent citizens, heard about the haunting and decided to go to Adams to investigate.

Jackson’s wagon wheels stopped in their tracks on the way to the Bell House. Jackson and his crew suddenly heard a woman’s voice asking them to continue, and cackling that they would soon see her. Andrew Jackson continued to push onward and stopped by the farm for a while. A few of his men claimed that they had been pinched with bruises or stuck with needles during the stay. The witch’s voice was heard throughout the house, singing hymns, quoting scriptures and sermons, and threatening to end John Bell, the head of the house.

The Bell witch legend continues

The Bell house was tormented for many years. The ghost finally took revenge on the man she claimed cheated her. She took full responsibility for his death. Bell fell ill while walking around the farm in October 1820. Many believe he suffered from a stroke. He had trouble speaking and swallowing afterward. His health declined over the following weeks as he was constantly in and out of bed. Soon after, he died.

The paranormal activity stopped abruptly after Bell’s death. However, the malevolent spirit warned that she would be back in seven years. According to legend, the Bell witch can still be seen and heard in a cave today.