While witchcraft these days is about nice, white magic, lurking in the background remains potions, elixirs, and herbs with the ability to influence others to do your bidding. The blue lotus flower is one such tool, steeped in seduction and mystery.

Much like an alchemist’s potion, the tea of the blue lotus flower can be used as an elixir with the potential to put someone in a trance-like, suggestible state. As they sip this mysterious drink, its hypnotic effects will begin to take hold and unlock their subconscious mind, revealing secrets and hidden knowledge.

The blue enchantress

Deep within the annals of ancient Egypt, the blue lotus flower, known also as the sacred lily of the Nile, held a near-mystical status. Monarchs and mystics alike imbibed this intoxicating elixir to access heightened states of consciousness and to commune with the gods. The beguiling blue water lily was said to offer a gateway to the divine, a portal to the dreamscape, and a tool for prophetic vision.

Hieroglyphs of this bewitching bloom grace the walls of ancient tombs and temples, a testament to its profound influence on ancient Egyptians and its revered place within their spiritual practices. As centuries turned, the fame of this enchanting blue lily crossed beyond the Egyptian borders, finding its place in various cultures around the world, each adding its own tale to the rich tapestry of the blue lotus flower’s legacy.

blue lotus in water

Description of the blue lotus flower

The blue lotus flower, scientifically known as Nymphaea caerulea, is a sight to behold, its enchanting beauty a feast for the senses. Rising from the water’s surface on slender stalks, this dazzling aquatic bloom exhibits a majestic palette of colors. Its petals, a hypnotic shade of deep azure, are tinged with subtle hints of violet, giving it an almost ethereal quality. They unfold gently, revealing a lush golden heart that contrasted vividly with the cool blue of its petals. Its leaves, a vibrant green, float serenely on the water’s surface, providing a striking contrast to its dreamlike blooms. The blue lotus flower radiates a mystical allure, its hypnotic beauty encapsulating its potent magical properties.

What does the Egyptian lotus taste like?

Blue lotus is quite unique, a symphony of flavors that dance on the tongue. It has an underlying earthy note, reminiscent of the fresh waters from which it blooms. The primary taste is subtly sweet, tantalizing the tastebuds with a delicate floral undertone that whispers of its intriguing origins.

There are hints of anise that bring a faintly spicy, licorice-like flavor, adding a touch of mystique to the overall profile. But the true allure of this tea lies not in its initial taste, but in the lingering aftertaste — a hint of vanilla that leaves a soothing warmth long after the last sip. This exquisite taste, coupled with its psychoactive effects, makes the blue lotus flower brew an elixir that truly bewitches the senses.

witch with blue lily flower

Flowers in witchcraft

In the enigmatic world of witchcraft, flowers are more than mere decor. They are potent symbols, charged with nature’s raw energies and used as powerful tools in many rituals and spells. Among these, the blue lotus flower holds a unique allure, its tea being a treasured elixir in its mystical brews.

Trance of blue lotus flower tea

Wiccans, those who heed the whisperings of the old ways, utilize the blue lotus tea to traverse the veil between the known and the unknown. Imbibing this bewitching brew, they slip into a dream-like trance, their senses heightened, their perception expanded.

The drink is often used in Wiccan rituals of divination, where its intoxicating effects are believed to open the third eye, allowing a glimpse into the future, or to facilitate communion with the divine. It also plays a prominent role in rituals of healing, love, and protection, the blue lotus flower’s enchanting qualities enhancing the potency of these spells.

Preparing the lotus tea potion

The process of brewing blue lotus flower tea is an intimate ritual. Wiccans often brew the beverage under the moonlight, believing that the lunar energies infuse the potion, increasing its mystical potency. The sacred blue lily flowers are steeped in hot water, their hypnotic essence slowly released, coloring the brew with its captivating magic. When prepared with respect and intent, blue lotus drink becomes an invaluable asset to the Wiccan arsenal, a bewitching brew steeped in mystique and power.

Putting your subject into a trance

To harness this mystical power, first, the tranquil ambiance is set, preferably under the moon’s silver glow. This is not a mere formality but an essential step in amplifying the tea’s potency. The blue lotus flowers are placed in hot water, their ethereal essence washing over the liquid, infusing it with their hypnotic magic.

As the subject sips the bewitching brew, instruct them to relax and let their mind wander. Guide them gently into a meditative state, steering their focus toward their inner self. As their consciousness starts to blur, their defenses lower, and their subconscious mind steps forward. It is in this lucid dreaming state that their secrets, memories, and hidden knowledge, usually guarded behind layers of conscious thought, can be accessed.

Remember, this potent blue flower brew is powerful and sacred, which should be used with respect and caution. The realm of the mind is delicate, and you should tread with care — the secrets unveiled should be treated with the utmost discretion.

Dare to delve into the world of the enchanting blue lotus of the Nile, a mystical flower steeped in a rich tapestry of history and lore. Whether you seek to unlock the secrets of the subconscious, touch the divine, or simply experience a taste of the arcane, the bewitching tea offers a tantalizing glimpse into the mystical realm. But tread lightly, for this concoction is no mere beverage, it is a potent potion, a key to the secrets of the universe, and its power is to be respected.