Moonstone is a type of crystal that has been revered for centuries. Moonstone properties are still being explored, but some believe that this gemstone can help with self-expression, creativity, and psychic ability. Moonstone crystal meaning has also been linked to the moon’s energy, as the name would suggest. Some say that moonstones can help connect you with lunar energies and bring about balance in your life.

What is moonstone?

As one of many feldspar minerals, moonstone is an abundant stone, found all over the world. Common in shades of white and blue, it is a relatively soft stone, with a hardness of only six on the Mohs scale.

Often used in moon rituals and magic, moonstone crystal is said to promote fertility and abundance. Moonstone is said to be a “feminine” stone with healing benefits. It is connected to the moon and intuition. With its high vibrational energy, it is said to help with new beginnings.

June’s birthstone, moonstone, is said to be particularly beneficial to those born under the zodiac sign of cancer.

moonstone properties and moon

History of moonstone

Moonstone crystal was often connected to the moon goddess in many ancient civilizations. Cerridwen, the god of creativity, knowledge, magic, life, and death in Welsh mythology, was a significant figure. Moonstone was utilized to commemorate Cerridwen. Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon, got her name from the sacred stone. Moonstone is derived from moonlight and associated with goddess energy, according to the people of ancient Rome.

The most intriguing historical applications of moonstone are found in India, where it was believed to be the gem of many gods and the sign of divine purity in general. It denoted the moon god who had four hands, which means strength in Indian culture.

Rainbow moonstone

Many moonstone varieties

Gray moonstone, sometimes spelled as Grey moonstone, is a stone of seeing beyond the veil — useful to clairvoyants and shamans, as well as allowing one to move into other dimensions. It is known as the “New Moon Stone,” since it contains the secrets and powers of the new moon, when all things are potential.

Cat’s Eye or blue moonstone helps to promote clarity of the mind and inner vision, which aids in being focused while meditating or in an altered state of awareness. It’s particularly beneficial for detecting emotional cycles and life lessons, as well as balancing yin and yang forces.

The heart is aided by Yellow or Peach moonstone, which stimulates the intellect and relieves anxiety. It brings out the finest in people and has energy that helps a person do their best in any situation. It’s an emotional boost for kids who can be sensitive.

The White moonstone is a powerful stone for dreamwork, symbolizing the new moon at its peak. It stimulates psychic perception, vision, and dreamwork, and it may amplify one’s emotions. This moonstone crystal is beneficial in children to help them fall asleep or fight bad dreams, as well as being useful in adults who suffer from nightmares or insomnia.

white moonstone

When viewed under bright light, the Star moonstone’s asterism effect becomes apparent. This means that a star with four rays will float on the surface as you look more closely at it. To see this effect in its most effective manner, you must rotate the stone and look at it from various angles.

Green moonstone may appear bland without the vivid color. In contrast, if you can only see the moonstone’s light from within, its beauty does not escape your notice. The power of this stone comes from the vibration of the Heart Chakra, which is soothing, healing, and reflective. This moonstone crystal is for women who want to achieve emotional balance and just want to go along life’s route.

Rainbow moonstone is a highly spiritual stone that helps to distribute energy throughout the aura. It has psychic protection, clearing the mind and senses, and aids in lucid dreaming and peaceful sleep. It deflects bad energy while soothing emotional pain. Rainbow moonstone is connected with nature’s energies and spirits, from plant gods to galactic consciousness, when they are aligned.

Moonstone metaphysical properties calm the mind

The moonstone crystal is known for having soothing metaphysical properties and calming effects, giving people who wear moonstone mental clarity and a sense of inner peace. Its milky color not only adds to your attractiveness but also enhances confidence and drives away insecurity. Moonstone crystal can also promote protective energy as well as positive energy.

Moonstone’s mystical energy helps you be more receptive and respond to any care or nurture request. You don’t risk becoming aloof or isolated from the group by using moonstone in this manner. You find yourself transformed into a human being with a nicer self-image.

You would certainly feel better if all your characters’ darker qualities were hidden. You’d become a warmer, sympathetic, and sociable person. These gems are said to possess the ability to neutralize negative vibrations while also promoting peace in your revitalized mind. This is how you may achieve spiritual healing and expansion through meditation.

Moonstone healing properties for the physical body

Moonstone has a variety of healing properties, providing the opportunity to ward off ailments and provide increased energy for you. There are several claims about the stone’s ability to balance fluid and effectively keep the biorhythm clock in check. People suffering from sleepwalking may benefit from the moonstone. Even “hyperactive” kids are seemingly helped with moonstone.

The stone’s name, “The Travelers Stone,” has been attached to it for centuries. While on the road, you may experience fatigue and other negative emotions. Choose a moonstone and its healing properties can restore your physical body as well as spirit while keeping you motivated on your journey.

moonstone crystal ball

How to use moonstone

Wearing moonstone is a wonderful way to attract its physical and emotional healing properties. Wear a moonstone jewelry bracelet to emphasize your wrist. Put on another moonstone ring and leave it no less than four to five days. You’re likely to notice an impact on both the body and mind as a result of this stone.

If you don’t want to use moonstone jewelry, be sure to handle the stone with care. Wrap it in a little bit of soft fabric and store it in a tiny chamber within your pouch. You may also gently grip it in the palm of your dominant hand while sitting in a meditative position. Doing this will allow you to focus on the moonstone’s energy and radiance.

When you want to connect with your intuition or tap into your psychic abilities, moonstone crystal is ideal to use. Moonstone is also excellent for scrying, a technique that involves a crystal ball or another reflective surface used to predict the future.

How to clean moonstone crystal

Water: Put warm soapy water in a dish. Soak the stone for at least three minutes. Dry it with a clean, soft cloth. A jewelry cleaner, which most likely contains nasty chemicals like acetone or ethanol, should be avoided.

Another effective cleaning method is saltwater. Take a bowl, preferably made of glass, and fill it with water, followed by a handful of salt. The stone should be left in the solution overnight. To remove the salt, put the moonstone under clean running water, then wipe it off with a soft cloth.

Vibration: Find a stream or even an ocean in the area. The stone should be washed under moving water. All bad vibrations will be removed, and the stone will be charged with the power/energy drawn from the water.

Incense or smudge: Burn incense or a smudge stick, then place the moonstone in the rising smoke for about a minute. It is claimed to remove any built-up bad energy is removed using this technique. Sweetgrass, sage, or sandalwood are excellent burning materials to use. Many people also advocate placing salt nearby.

charge a moonstone in moonlight

How to charge moonstone crystal

Under the night sky, the light of the moon is the most effective way to recharge moonstones’ energy since this restores them to their natural luminosity. Set your jewelry outside for the night so that the moon may replenish it with new vitality, ideally under a full moon. If you’re concerned about removing negative energy from the moonstone crystal, you can always burn sage over it.

Moonstone is a gemstone that has been linked to the moon and feminine energy for centuries. It is known for its natural soothing properties and calming effects, which bring equilibrium to any person in possession of it. Moonstone energy also has a variety of healing properties and can be used in a variety of ways.